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Arash Aazami

Arash Aazami

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Business & Management, Energy, Climate & Environment, Politics, Culture, Music & Society
Expert | Thought leader, Business leader | Entrepeneur
Keynote speaker, Breakout session, Master class
Niger (Afrika)


  • 2017
  • Arash lanceert Universalright.org t.b.v. energietoegang voor ieder mens
  • 2016
  • Spreker van het Jaar!
  • 2015
  • Arash verlaat zijn bedrijf en richt adviesbureau Kamangir op
  • 2010
  • Arash ontwikkelt de Path to Zero en richt 's werelds eerste anti-energiebedrijf op


Everything starts with a dream. When he created the first energy supplier earning more as it sells less, back in 2010, Arash Aazami brought one of his dreams into action. 
His latest dream? Universal access to renewable and local energy. How? With the Internet of Energy. 
Arash is a social entrepreneur, a system innovator, a visionary, a guitarist. His life’s journey gave him an uncanny ability to rethink, re-invent and disrupt everyone he encounters, including himself. He turns crises into opportunities. Arash’ stories and presence fills the room with hope and momentum to make that positive change.
Remarkable storyteller and a gifted speaker, Arash gets your attention as soon as he enters a room, lighting it up with his energy. And that’s exactly what he wants to talk to you about. Energy, according to Arash, is the fundamental driving force behind every innovation. For business, new economies and even our progress as humankind.

Regardless of your background or fields of interest, his vision of the Internet of Energy enabling universal access to energy will make you turn your own dreams into realities and build the future. 

After seeing Arash speak you will be sparked by his personal motto: dream.develop.do!


Keynote speaker
Breakout session
Master class


"Whether he centres his talks around the latest innovations in digital technology, entrepreneurship or the future of energy, Arash makes sure to deliver a mind-shifting journey for his audience. His fills his messages with purpose, hope, but also experience and realism, spreading inspiration and energy to build the future. A future with a fair and just economy, clean energy for all humans, and technologies in balance with the eternal laws of nature. We all need new models, new thinking, new ways of doing. And that’s just what you’ll get: Arash will invite you to dream big and to develop your dreams into realities."


  • Energy
  • Economy
  • Next Society
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Durability