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Annemarie van Gaal

Annemarie van Gaal

Result-oriented Entrepreneur. Successful Businesswoman. International Investor.

Management & Leadership, Economy & Finance
Expert | Thought leader, Business leader | Entrepeneur
Keynote speaker, Moderator/ Presenter
Languages spoken
English Dutch
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The Netherlands


  • 2014
  • Haar boek "Winst" komt uit.
  • 2013
  • Haar boeken "Financiële Work out", "Slim Verzekerd" en "Een Dubbeltje op zijn kant komen uit.
  • 2011
  • Haar boek "Exit komt uit.
  • 2010
  • Haar boek 'Ambitie' komt uit en wordt meteen verkozen tot 'Ondernemers boek van het Jaar'
  • 2009
  • Van Gaal is te zien in het programma Een Dubbeltje Op Zijn Kant
  • 2007
  • Van Gaal is te zien in het KRO-programma Dragons' Den
  • 2000
  • Van Gaal wordt directeur van de Telegraaf Tijdschriften Groep


In 1989 Gorbachov was coming to power in the Soviet Union and his political ideas and words like perestroika and glasnost triggered Western companies to start a joint venture in Russia.

In 1989 VNU formed a Russian-Dutch joint venture 'Moscow Illustrated Press' which published the monthly magazine Moscow Magazine and the weekly newspaper The Moscow Guardian.

In 1990 Annemarie was sent to Russia by VNU to manage their Russian joint venture Moscow Illustrated Press, which published the monthly magazine Moscow Magazine and the weekly newspaper The Moscow Guardian.

In 1991 VNU, her employer, decided to freeze their activities in Russia and Annemarie

left VNU. New and pioneering ideas drove her to start her own private company Independent Media in Russia.

Due to its unconventional approach to the market, Independent Media rapidly grew from a company with a turnover of $ 1.5 million and 15 employees in 1992 to the leading publishing house in Russia with a turnover of $ 80 million in 1998 and 700 employees.

Independent Media has been awarded with numerous prizes and awards over the years, amongst others:

-        'East Europe Prize for Enterprises' (in 1994)

-        IPC Award for 'Best International Launch' (1994)

-        The American Chamber of Commerce prize for 'Best Business in Russia'

         (in 1996)

-        IPC Award for 'Best International Publishing joint venture' (jv with  

         Hearst )

Since 1998 Independent Media is the leading publishing house in Russia and in the Ukraine in the field of consumer magazines, newspapers and trade publications.

Independent Media publishes 39 consumer magazines (amongst others the Russian editions of  Cosmopolitan, Good Housekleeping, Harper's Bazaar, Marie Claire, Men's Health) and a number of newspapers (amongst others: The Moscow Times (English language daily, 1992), The St. Petersburg Times, Vedomosti (Russian language daily in a joint venture with Financial Times en The Wall Street Journal, since 1999)

In 2001 Independent Media was sold to the Finnish company Sanoma Media and Annemarie decided to leave Russia to provide a Dutch school education for her sons.

In the Nethelands she manages her own companies, and is active as a private equity investor in the Netherlands as well as abroad.

She is a columnist (Financieel Dagblad and Margriet) and author of several bestsellers such as ‘SUCCES’, that sold more than 50.000 copies, ‘AMBITIE’ (Adviezen voor ondernemers; ‘Ondernemersboek van het Jaar’ 2010), EXIT (finances around marriage and divorce) and FINANCIEEL FIT. She is the presenter of various financial TV programs such as ‘Ten Einde Raad’ and ‘Een Dubbeltje Op Zijn Kant’ and was one of the ‘dragons’ in the Dutch television version of ‘Dragon’s Den’


Keynote speaker
Moderator/ Presenter