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Ann Wauters

Ann Wauters

The most popular Captain of the Belgian Cats National Basketball team. Motivational speaker and Author "The Game of Life". From a shy girl to an internationally acclaimed sports personality and assistant coach in the WNBA.

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Ann Wauters is known as Captain of the Belgian Cats, Professional Basketball player and Keynote & Motivational Speaker.
She wrote the book "The Game of Life". The story from a shy girl to an internationally acclaimed sports personality and assistant coach in the WNBA. 

Her motto: "Making a difference every day, through hard work."

Ann Wauters  has been playing professional basketball for over 20 years in 7 different countries on 3 continents. She has won the Euroleague title 4 times, a WNBA championship, a Eurocup title and a bronze medal at the European Championships with the Belgian Cats. She was 5 times also named European Player of the Year.
Ann Wauters knows how to work in a team and be successful in a highly competitive world. She is very passionate about sharing her experiences and showing the parallels between top sport and business.

Together with my wife Lot whom I married in 2007, we had 3 darling children: Lou, Vince and Dree.
With all the titles and awards I have won in my life, I am still most proud of them. Without their support and flexibility, I could never have lived the life I did. So I am immensely grateful to them for that.

I always love to give back to the world that has given me so many wonderful things. I work closely with SOS Children’s Villages and I am a godmother of the Gbasket at Kortrijk Spurs.
I’m always open to do my bit, so feel free to contact me with your project and I’ll see if I can do something for you.

I graduated in Latin-Sciences and have always been someone who tries to learn every day. I also have a Certificate from the FIBA Time Out Program, have my trainer A Basketball degree and a certificate from the IOC Power Up Athletes Care.

I am a proud ambassador of Volvo and 6D nutrition. I am extremely grateful to them for the trust and cooperation we have.



Breakout session
Keynote speaker


With more than 25 years of experience in teamwork at the highest level, Ann Wauters  likes to convert all her experiences into instructive and inspiring lessons with which you can take your team and company to a higher level.

Here I mainly share my insights and experiences   about how resilience leads to more sustainable performance for yourself and your team. With practical examples from the story behind the success of the Belgian national team. I will walk you through 10 practical strategies to boost your personal and team resilience.

Making a difference every day through hard work.
As each individual grows, so does the team.
Gaining trust through reliability.
Big dreams and realistic goals.
Developing inner strength through self-discipline.
Holding myself accountable to really make a difference.

There is nothing more beautiful than a group of people striving for a common part. A streamlined and motivated team guarantees results that will exceed your expectations.