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Andrew Bryant

Andrew Bryant

The Self-leadership Authority with the New Leadership Playbook to Close the Leader-Employee Gap.

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Andrew Bryant is the Self-leadership Authority with the New Leadership Playbook to Close the Leader-Employee Gap.
You can't lead others unless you first lead yourself, which is Self-leadership, and The New Leadership Playbook provides leaders with a solution to have 1-to-1 and 1-to-many conversations.


• From 10 years old, working in his father's hardware shop at weekends and holidays taught him work ethic.
• Starting his career as a physiotherapist working with athletes he learned how the body works.
• Studying Acupuncture and Psychology gave him an appreciation of both Eastern and Western thinking.
• Working in Europe, Asia, Australia, and the USA showed him the importance of understanding cultural nuances.
• Coaching C-level Executives, Executive Leadership Teams, and entrepreneurs have given him insights into what it takes to be successful.

Andrew Bryant has been twice recognized by Singapore’s President, Mdm. Halimah Yacob. Once for his work coaching Self-leadership to disadvantage teenagers, and more recently for his work on empowering Women leaders.

English by birth, Australian by passport, Brazilian by wife, and now living in Portugal after 17 years in Asia, Andrew Bryant is truly an international keynote speaker.



Business coach
Keynote speaker
Master class


As a Global Authority on Self-Leadership and author of The New Leadership Playbook, Andrew Bryant speaks on being human and increasing ownership, responsibility, and accountability for accelerated results in a post-pandemic and digital world. Andrew Bryant shares how to close the leader-employee gap by addressing fear, trust, and effective leadership conversations.

Clients hire Andrew Bryant when they want their Leaders and Managers to be more Human and still deliver Accelerated Results. Andrew Bryant is the ideal choice when there is a requirement to increase ownership, responsibility, and accountability, especially in a post-pandemic and digital world.

Andrew Bryant is living in Portugal at the moment. Working with disruptive Silicon Valley Startups and Complex Multinationals, Andrew Bryant has proven that effective leadership is a conversation, a one-to-one conversation, and a one-to-many conversation.
Andrew Bryant’s fourth book, The New Leadership Playbook, which was commissioned by one of his clients, contains twelve conversations that leaders must master. His Signature Keynote speech highlights the roadblock and solution to being human while delivering accelerated results.

Andrew Bryant is the Global Authority on Self-leadership, he has been cited in over 140 research papers and Ph.D. dissertations and created the first self-leadership situational judgment tests, making him one of the most respected voices in the field. This is important because you can’t lead others unless you first lead yourself.

A master storyteller, Andrew Bryant has been shaped by his experiences and his reflections on those experiences, so the audience feels a human connection, and says to themselves, “That’s me”.


Being human while driving accelerated results
If you don’t deliver results, you will fail; but if you attempt to deliver results at the cost of your or your employee’s psychological safety, you will eventually fail.

Andrew Bryant wrote ‘The New Leadership Playbook: Being Human Whilst Successfully Delivering Accelerated Results’ to address this challenge. The book informs the speech and contains seven leadership principles and twelve leadership plays (conversation) that address today’s leadership challenges.

This engaging keynote, which will be tailored to the audience, contains Andrew’s Leaderschip Accelerator model that allows participants to immediately see their roadblocks to results, and how to overcome them.


  1. Self-leadership means accepting responsibility for your results. You don't blame other people and you don't make excuses. This can be challenging during times of uncertainty; however, a self-leader sees options and grasps opportunities when others are waiting to be rescued.
  2. We are born into a frame of mind that is reinforced by our early experiences, and education. Unless we become aware of these frames of mind and take ownership, we will be destined to firefighting one issue after another until we are exhausted.
  3. You can’t lead others unless you first lead yourself. As you increase your self-awareness and embrace self-learning and self-regulation you will get results.
  4. There is a formula, and that formula is that Clear Expectations X Mindset & Motivation x Right Behaviors = Accelerated Results.

Driving accleterated results with self-leadership
Leadership is the process of influencing others in a manner that enhances their contribution to the realization of group goals.
Effective Leadership is a function of the Leader’s Style, Followers' Motivation and Skills, and the Business Environment. This requires self-awareness, self-learning, and self-regulation, in short, self-leadership.
Everyone can be a self-leader, taking ownership and responsibility for achieving objectives, but often hit the roadblocks of 'framing' and 'firefighting'. Andrew illustrates how to accelerate with self-leadership and achieve accelerated results by having the right conversations.
Participants leave inspired, with increased ownership, self-awareness, and a practical framework to improve their leadership conversations and deliver results.