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Ananda Groag

Ananda Groag

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Innovation, Energy, Climate & Environment, Construction & Automotive, Transport & Logistics
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Ananda Groag is an expert in mobility and owner of Reframe.space. Her passion for mobility was born at TomTom, where she specialised in various aspects of mobility, like navigation, maps, real-time traffic info, fleet management. She also lauched TomTom Taxi, a start-up within TomTom, where she familiarised herself with the world of on-demand mobility. She was part of shareNL focusing on the platform economy and shared mobility for five years.
Ananda consults car brands, cities and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water in the Netherlands. On her own initiative she writes or researches, for example the market of car brands active in new mobility. She organises round tables or conferences on hot topics in transportation. She organised a car sharing conference twice and is now working on a conference about the intersection of area development and mobility. Ananda brought together 42 organisations in a public-private partnership; the so called Green Deal Car Sharing and she was the driving force in this three year partnership aimed at growing car sharing. As a part of this partnership, she launched the independent information site on car sharing www.autodelen.info. Through her central role, Ananda built a large (inter)national network and deep knowledge about shared, smart and sustainable mobility. Ananda believes in ‘practise what you preach’. She and her family do not own a car and seamlessly combine different modes. Ananda loves to test and try new concepts and mobility services.


Keynote speaker
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Mobiliteit, autodelen, smart mobility, mobility-as-a-service, mobiliteit in gebiedsontwikkeling


"I thank you for speaking at the International Transport Expert Council by the Government of Moscow. Moscow government is very interested in the knowledge that you shared with us. In particular, we were very useful in the field of p2p carsharing, which in Moscow is currently not developing so actively now. I am sure that many of the advices will be implemented in Moscow as soon as possible.  Your speech was one of the brightest at the conference"
- Pronin Dmitriy, the deputy head of the department of transport and road infrastructure development of Moscow city government

"The presentation was fun, inspiring and visually appealing. They take time to explain complex concepts and ensures everyone’s on board throughout the speech. They use simple, concise examples spiced up with small anecdotes and personal experiences. I really enjoyed it!"
Anna Sandvik Hauge, Marketing Director Kolumbus, Norway

“Ananda’s keynote speech at the EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK Workshop 2017 helped national and local campaigners to better structure ideas about shared mobility. Her innovative approach is perfectly in line with the creativity required for such a campaign. Ananda engaged the audience with good information and punchy statistics.”
— European Mobility Week

“Ananda Groag spoke about ‘Amsterdam Sharing City’ and shared many examples of platforms and initiatives built on the principles of the collaborative economy. She evoked a positive reaction from the audience during the event and made visitors discuss and share their own experiences, challenges and ideas on sharing with each other for the rest of the event.”
— Droomfabriek