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Agavni Jessaijan

Agavni Jessaijan

As a Leader How do you Make Wise Decisions on the Edge of Infinite Possibilities, Chaos and Transformation? For Yourself, for Your Team, for Your Organization, for The World.

Human Capital, Business with a purpose, Communications, Management & Leadership
Business leader | Entrepeneur, Business coach | Mentor, Keynote speaker
Facilitator, Keynote speaker, Breakout session
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Short introduction Agavni Jessaijan:

Make the impossible possible. If you really dare to believe that anything is possible. From her many years of experience as a consultant and organizational advisor, Agavni Jessaijan (we call her Raf) is equipped with enough inspiring material to make you think, to provide inspiration in any way possible, and to stimulate where it is really needed on the content of your change or the culture you want to be. You literally move.

Using Raf as a speaker or facilitator means customization, attention and going with all her heart for a cool session that people will talk about for a long time. And everything is possible here too. Indicate what you need and you will get a lot of creative possibilities.

“As a leader, how do you take 100% ownership on the edge of chaos? For yourself. For your team. For your organization. For the world?"

Biography Agavni Jessaijan
Agavni Jessaijan [pronounced Arafnie] - started doing business at the age of 29. First as a financial and soon after that she was able to turn her passion for change and communication into her profession. She is an entrepreneur at heart. Owner of two companies and she is far from done. Her core business is creative change agency Heartcore-Lab, which specializes in organizational and cultural development, leadership training & coaching. Out of love for coffee and service, she founded her Specialty Coffee Bar Hummingbird Amsterdam in 2018.

Giving up is not in her DNA. Keep going is her mantra. "Everything is possible, but you have to dare to believe it" is her motto. She has also proven this during her participation in the popular Dutch tv-program Kamp van Koningsbrugge season 2, where she crossed the finish line as 1 of the 6 finalists and can call herself commando-worthy.

As an organizational consultant, she advises the corporate world on how to bring the heart back into the company and create a fertile culture for unprecedented opportunities. Her own development is not straightforward and because she has experienced all layers of organizations and has already (co-)rigged a number of companies - and demolished them again - she knows what you need to continue where others stop and especially in action must be taken on what is important.

As a Master Coach & Trainer in a fairly young coaching method called mBIT (Multiple Brains Integration Technique) she knows how to lead entrepreneurs, leaders and individuals from a neuroscientific perspective to their most powerful selves. She teaches people to believe in themselves, to overcome their mental obstacles and to realize the life of their dreams. This way is the way of mBraining, working with your multiple brains - the heart, the head and the belly brown to reach ultimate wisdom.


Keynote speaker
Breakout session


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Interested in Agavni Jessaijan as a speaker?
Agavni Jessaijan likes to ask questions. What kind of leader do you want to be? And when you are in chaos, how do you act? How do you deal with obstacles, headwinds and things you can't control? And how can you also use your successful self in the less successful moments? Everything is possible, but you have to dare to believe it is her motto.

What others say about Agavni Jessaijan as a speaker:
"Agavni shared her story about participating in Kamp van Koningsbrugge with great enthusiasm. In a very interactive way. Just like the adventure itself; alternating with humor and a serious tone. Impressive, inspiring and motivating. A very successful afternoon that I leader can recommend. Many thanks Agavni!"
Ronald Kuipers
Commercial Director Netherlands TVM Insurances

"Agavni provided us with a leadership afternoon based on her experiences during the participation in Kamp van Koningsbrugge. The energy splashed off and there was no sitting still for anyone; it was hard work! With beautiful images and moving and disarming stories, she brought us to a world of willpower and reflection. In a combination of short shots and personal stories, we were brought into self-reflection and self-examination. The result: leaders who, with their insights, continued to work with their teams the next day: "Do I support you enough?" And “how do we as a team DO get this done?” An unforgettable experience that I can recommend to everyone and that really made an impact! Thank you Agavni. You are an inspiration!"

Some examples of keynotes / sessions and topics:

Transformation Happiness

That means connection at the highest and deepest level. Between you and me. Especially in business. We all know that we are good at talking within organizations, but wanting to be a real change, daring to go off the beaten track, doing things differently than usual, having real constructive conversations, there is still a lot to be achieved. It's exciting, and you often don't know how to really get another movement started or you encounter the still unknown blockages or negative beliefs. Because Agavni has seen and experienced all layers (from archive to the top), she can easily connect at all levels with powerful, appealing examples.

Forward, march!
One team, one task. You really have to want it, be able and be: a team. Teamwork is about trust, but how do you really create that? How do you ensure more connection? What is missing and what can be done differently? How do you go beyond the 'must' to intrinsic wanting, being able to and being?
She easily links the learnings that Agavni has gained from her participation in the popular Dutch tv-program Kamp van Koningsbrugge to the challenges that organizations and leadership teams face. She knows better than anyone what you need to continue where others stop, not only from her adventurous experience, but also from the knowledge that she still has her feet in the mud as a management consultant and as an entrepreneur.
You are made to think and do how everyone moves on what is needed. In addition, she is the example for others when it comes to intrinsic motivation, willpower, vitality, vulnerability and daring to believe in your own abilities, as an individual and as a professional.

Leadership Decision Making
How do you survive as a leader on the brink of chaos in a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) world? Good leaders make wise decisions, but how do you do that? What questions should you ask yourself to make wise decisions? How do we deal with stress and burnout? How do you prevent yourself from ending up in chaos as a leader? True transformation - inside and outside yourself - as a leader lies here.