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Adrian Hayes

Adrian Hayes

Passionate about life, people and the world

Business & Management, Energy, Climate & Environment, Sports
Business leader | Entrepeneur, Business coach | Mentor
Keynote speaker, Coach / Trainer
United Kingdom


Adrian Hayes is a British record-breaking polar explorer & adventurer, keynote speaker, business coach, author and campaigner.

An Arabic and Nepalese speaking former Airbus Middle East Sales Director and British Army Gurkha Officer, in his expedition work he has achieved more major goals the past eight years than almost anyone in the world – Everest, K2, the North Pole, South Pole, the length of Greenland by kite-ski, the Arabian Desert by camel, two Guinness world records, two documentaries and one book.

One of the few extreme adventurers in the world with a senior corporate background, he is now an internationally acclaimed keynote or motivational speaker and professional leadership, team and executive coach, delivering speeches, seminars and programs worldwide. He is also a speaker, writer and campaigner on a number of contemporary world issues.


Keynote speaker
Coach / Trainer


Adrian delivers change inducing, deeply learning and gimmick-free team development programmes to Boards of Directors, senior management teams, business, sports or non-profit teams worldwide, that are designed with one overriding objective – “teams exist to achieve results’. His programmes have been developed from years of study of personal and team coaching, relationship systems work and conflict resolution techniques - together with his unique experience of putting these tools into practise in the expedition, corporate, sporting and military worlds.