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Eigen sparringspartner

Your own dedicated point person

When you work with Assemblee, you will have your own dedicated point person to handle your schedule, your account and whatever else you need. This allows you to concentrate on your personal mission to inform and inspire. Our staff provide hands-on help at every step of the process.

Eenvoudige administratie

Simple administration

When you’re asked to speak at an event, taking care of paperwork should not be one of the things you have to do. Assemblee Speakers handles all of that for you. Your own contact person makes sure all the records are kept up to date!

Beschermd van A tot Z

Protected from A to Z

Working with Assemblee Speakers means that you will be protected from any potential risk or liability. Every speaking appointment is accompanied by a contract, eliminating all potential headaches and hassles!

Lid van onze sprekersfamilie

Welcome to the family

As a member of the Assemblee Speakers family, you’ll have access to a whole network of colleagues and expertise. We consider all of our speakers to be valuable members of one large community; we are the bridge between you and a world of opportunities.

Hoogwaardig management

Wrap-around management services

At Assemblee Speakers, we provide you with a range of services, from consultancy to financial advice. We also support you in all negotiations - wherever and when necessary. This enables you to focus on what you like most and do best: speak and inspire.

Globaal en duurzaam

Global & sustainable

We believe in partnerships for the long term. Working together with each speaker as a partner we can achieve the optimal result for all. Assemblee Speakers is also global in vision and reach, with our extensive network of contacts. This means you can easily move from one region to another.

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