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Who’s the Boss in the Future of Work?

  • 02 Apr 2019

The world is changing, and our place in it as well. Technological and economic developments bring us forward, but also bring us uncertainty - especially in the field of employment. Who has the strongest position, the employer or the employee? Thought leader and authority in the field of the future of work, Sangbreeta Moitra described why corporates should be the ones worrying.

Read Sangbreeta's full blog on this here.

Robots: competition or coworkers?

Robots and AI are becoming more and more able to take over jobs. Sangbreeta shared her experience with this on LinkedIn:

Employees worry about if they can keep their jobs in the future, or if they will no longer be needed or relevant when technology comes knocking on corporates doors. But are they the ones who should be worrying?

Employee to entrepreneur

Of course, many employees will not wait around until it’s too late. They make the shift from employee to entrepreneur. Sangbreeta:

‘’Then there's the world of entrepreneurs and business coaches who encourage you to start something for and by yourself. "Don't spend your life working on someone else's dream, build your own." The market today has opened up innumerable avenues to start your own business. Online businesses are absolutely BOOMING, whether for marketing, consultancy or social media. Heck, you can make millions off just YouTube. So what's the added incentive of working for a company?’’

That’s right: the negotiating position of employees is probably stronger than you might think. Getting valuable staff to stay is becoming increasingly challenging. This means that not only employees but also employers are experiencing the uncertainty of new developments in economics and technology. ‘’Even the biggest companies in the world are letting go of staff in huge numbers. That's a shaky experience. Company takeovers, profits not meeting targets, technology replacing jobs- if you think about it, organizations are becoming smaller with time. And that's why corporates should be worried. How are you going to retain your staff with everything going on right now?’’

We can’t do without corporates

Sangbreeta teaches us that we actually do NEED these big corporates. Look at the bigger picture: sure, entrepreneurs can do a lot, but big projects such as urban infrastructure and technology can’t be done by small businesses alone. Its a matter of combining strengths and skills, meaning that corporates should ensure that they can keep enough talent in to be able to keep innovating.

But how? According to Sangbreeta, we should not look at employees as robots with technical skills, or goal-delivering machines. The best way to keep employees happy and your organization healthy is to Invest In Your Employees.

‘’Make them feel valued, respected and motivated on a personal level. Give them the support to grow personally in their professional life. Whether it is through workshops on communication skills, personal branding, storytelling, leadership, feedback... make them feel like they have an identity and a place in your company and that YOU CARE about them, not just their job. ‘’

But don’t just focus on the right treatment for employees. Also, take into account the behavior of management and leadership. Pay attention to resolving issues by organizing meetings where the performance or inter-personal conflicts can be discussed. ‘’And most importantly, teach your leaders the right communication skills so they can discuss sensitive issues with your employees respectfully. I've lost count on how many employees complain about feeling disrespected by their higher-ups in the company, one of the biggest reasons for people quitting their jobs.’’

Today, we need our employees more than they need us. Only when we treat them as a part of the family, will the family stay together. - Sangbreeta MoitraIs your organization ready for the future? With a keynote from the award-winning TEDx speaker Sangbreeta, you are one step closer to a better tomorrow for your business as well as your employees. Book her exclusively through Assemblee Speakers. Together, we have the Power To Inspire! Send an email to info@assembleespeakers.com or call us at +31 43 343 21 69.

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