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The Top 10 Speakers of 2018 and
The Top 10 Speakers for Your Event in 2019

  • 15 Jan 2019

For you as event organizer, the growing number of speakers means it’s becoming increasingly challenging to find the perfect speaker to make your event successful. Your aim is to find that particular speaker who serves the goal of your event, to have your guests leaving not only inspired but also ready to put their newfound knowledge into action.

Reading this blog will save you time and effort to find your perfect speaker for your next event. Assemblee Speakers has put together a list of The Top 10 Speakers of 2018 and The Top 10 Speakers for Your Event in 2019. Keep this list at hand when organizing your next event. Quick and easy. Or contact us for free and professional advice that matches your wishes and your needs. Assemblee Speakers is the first Speakers Bureau of Europe with The Power to Inspire. Just call us (phone: +31 43 343 21 69) or send us an e-mail (info@assembleespeakers.com) and we will answer your speakers request shortly!



1. Jeroen Dijsselbloem “Speaker of the Year 2018”
Up until the start of 2018, Jeroen Dijsselbloem was President of the Eurogroup. He is also the former Minister of Finance in the Netherlands.
Topics: Europe, Financial Markets, Brexit, Blockchain.

‘’As the external environment of our union is becoming more and more challenging, the EU will have to lead. As our electorates are becoming more and more impatient, the worst thing to do is to let populism paralyze us. It’s time to act; It’s time to show results.’’

2. Ruud Koornstra “Speaker of the Year 2011 & 2012”
The first Energy Commissioner of the Netherlands. His mission: How can we quickly make the transition to sustainable energy?
Topics: Sustainable Entrepreneurship, Energy Transition, Mobility, Innovation.

‘’The world is burning. The Netherlands have the knowledge, money and entrepreneurial skills to become the world champion in energy transition.’’

3. Jan Terlouw “Speaker of the Year 2017”
Even though he’s far in his eighties, Jan Terlouw has not found the urge to slow down just yet. As an exceptional storyteller, he reaches a big audience with compelling keynotes on the environment and climate change.
Topics: Society, Environment, Climate Change.

‘’I hope that we can become sustainable in every policy. I think it’s unacceptable that our children and grandchildren will live on a planet that's becoming less beautiful than the one we have lived on.’’

4. Peter van Uhm “Speaker of the Year 2013”
Former Dutch General and strategic advisor. Retired general Peter van Uhm is a man with vision, charisma and leadership who teaches about the importance of staying human, regardless of the situation. With inspiring anecdotes of his past, he shares life lessons that inspire to find and use the talent inside of you.
Topics: Leadership, Talent, Motivation.

‘’That is why I took up the gun. Not to shoot, not to kill, not to destroy, but to stop those who would do evil, to protect, to defend democratic values, to stand up for the freedom. We have to talk about how we can make the world a better place.’’

5. Jaap de Hoop Scheffer
Jaap de Hoop Scheffer was the Secretary General of NATO for over 5 years and is the former Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs, and is currently professor of International Relations and Diplomatic Practices. His mission: To invest in more balanced international affairs.
Topics: Foreign and Security Policy, Development Aid Policies, Financial and Economic Issues.

‘’There is no point in booing at others, that is not a form of policy. That’s just abreacting frustration. You have to keep the conversation going, even if it’s with people you disagree with.’’

6. Herman van Rompuy “Speaker of the Year 2016”
The first President of Europe.
Topics: Europe, Brexit, European Economics and Europese foreign politics.

‘’Our belief in collective social projects is at a low point. What we need is more trust. Trusting our society and other people, but also in our institutions. After all, too much mistrust condemns us to immobilism.’’

7. Yuri van Geest
Co-Author of Amazon's bestselling book "Exponential Organizations" with Salim Ismail, Mike Malone and Peter Diamandis. He is also the Dutch Ambassador of the Singularity University.
Topics: How to execute a successful corporate transformation in a time of fast-paced change, Technology, Biotech, Nanotech, Neurotech, Robots, Artificial Intelligence (AI), New Energy, Brain-computer interfaces, 3D-printers and Space Travel.

‘’In order to be exponential, you need to have a background of disrupting yourself over the last 10 years. If you don’t, you won’t be credible. If you are the type of CEO who insists on never making a mistake and then tries to champion disruptive innovation it won’t work because it will be incongruent.’’

8. Arash Aazami “Speaker of the Year 2017”
Founder of the Internet of Energy. An Authority in the world of Energy.
Topics: Energy, Sustainability, The World, Climate and Environment.

‘’What many people don't realize is that we can only fight wars over things that we can possess. and right now, most of the wars that are being fought in the world are being fought over oil and coal and gas. We can make wars in the world obsolete by making the shift to renewable resources. Because nobody can own the sun. Nobody can own the wind.’’

9. Benno Baksteen “Speaker of the Year 2015”
Former President of the Association of Dutch Traffic Flyers. Authority in the Aviation World when it comes to safety, risk policy, and optimizing processes.
Topics: Safety, Leadership and Risk management.

‘’We humans make mistakes. That’s just how it is. And then there are people who knowingly display the wrong behavior and thus endanger others. And then there are perverse incentives: a job has to be done now, there is no budget, just do it because it has always gone well...’’

10. Mart de Kruif
Mart de Kruif MSM is a three-star general in the Royal Netherlands Army. At the end of 2018 his book Zandhappen was published, in which he writes about life and death, and about the heavy responsibility that rested on his shoulders when he commanded 40,000 NATO soldiers in the deadly south of Afghanistan.
Topics: The Future of Leadership, Safety, Communication, IT.

"Everything that I set in motion almost immediately had an actual effect. Every time I signed an order to start an operation, I knew that losses would be incurred. Soldiers would be injured or even killed because I thought an operation was important. That signature gave me a timeless responsibility that I would have to carry with me for the rest of my life. That is the loneliness of the commander, something that no one can help you with."



1. Chris Baldwin Ph.D. - “The Fastest-Growing Speaker of 2018”
An authority and coach in the world of Marketing, Digital transformation and Biotechnology.
Topics: Meaningful connections, Change management, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Future of Digital, Marketing.

“I am an ordinary person living in The Netherlands trying to do extraordinary things. My mission is to inspire and motivate people to focus on meaningful connections to prepare for the future and our roles as people in this technology-driven world we live in.”

2. Bert Koenders
Bert Koenders was the European director of Parliamentarians for Global Action and political advisor for the United Nations in southern Africa. He is also the former Minister of Foreign Affairs and Development Aid Policies in the Netherlands.
Topics: Human rights, Development Aid Policies and Policymaking.

‘’European solidarity is already being put to the test. Trust in national institutions, trust in European institutions, and trust between member states have all taken a knock in recent times. We can’t afford the scoreboard approach, because it weakens the European Union’s response to the grave challenges confronting us.’’

3. Melonie Dodaro
The #1 Bestselling Author of LinkedIn Unlocked and The LinkedIn Code, based in the Netherlands. At the beginning of this year, two new books will be published. Melonie Dodaro is seen as one of the biggest global Sales and Marketing Influencer. She is listed in the Top 50 Sales Influencers, the Top 50 Social Selling Influencers and the Top 65 Women Business Influencers.
Melonie Dodaro coaches professionals in the business world on how to easily attract high-quality leads on LinkedIn, without spending money on advertisements.
Our advice: start your year with more knowledge on LinkedIn and sign up for a Free Masterclass Webinars.
Sign up here: https://topdogsocialmedia.com, or book her now as a keynote speaker or coach through Assemblee Speakers for your next event.
Topics: Sales, Social Media, Marketing.

‘’People don’t just invest money into quality products/services, they also look for people who have demonstrated a consistent reputation for quality. Consistently show people that you are credible and care about their them and their success.’’

4. Pieter van de Glind and Harmen van Sprang
Pieter van de Glind and Harmen van Sprang are the founders of ShareNL, a leading platform in the area of the sharing economy. All over the world, they are sharing their expertise on the future of the sharing and the platform economy, as well as advising various governments around the world.
Topics: A Future with Artificial Intelligence, The Future of Labor, Cooperation in Cities: Sharing Economy, The Self-Driving Car, Mobility as a Service, Internet of Things.

‘’Our journey began during the emergence of the sharing economy. Over the years we developed a deep understanding of how online platforms are reshaping the way people connect and how this affects industries and societies. We evolved into an agency with a unique global perspective and network. An ecosystem consisting of the world’s largest online platforms, world-leading companies, and some of the most advanced city-, state- and intergovernmental organizations. We have developed a strong track record on strategically consulting the leadership of governments and businesses.’’

5. Sangbreeta Moitra

Sangbreeta Moitra is one of the best storytellers in Europe and was granted several Awards as a speaker for her TED talk 'Transform Your Presence'. Sangbreeta has a clear mission and inspires people and organization about The Future of Work. She travels around the globe, from Shanghai to Seoul to Tokyo, to share her story about Transformational Customer Happiness, Employee Experience, Innovative Entrepreneurial Mindset, and Personal Development. VIVA Magazine crowned her as one of the most inspiring women in the Netherlands. Companies as Booking.com, E & Y, Shell and Orange regularly invite her again as a speaker, coach, and advisor.
Topics: Change And Transformation, Innovation, The Future of Work.

’’You represent a set of skills and services. but to create that unique presence, go to the next level, and ask yourself: how do I want people to feel when they work with me? What feeling will be synonymous with me that's different from everyone else who does the same thing that I do?’’

6. Jorg Snoeck
The Captain of Retail and Award-winning Author of 'The Future of Shopping', which was proclaimed Management Book of the Year 2018. The book has since been translated into several languages, including Chinese. Jorg is also the Founder of RetailDetail. With an immense network in retail, he pursues his dreams as a passionate entrepreneur to keep the future of shopping fun and easy for people.
Topics: The Future of Retail.

‘’We are people. We are not data. We are humans of flesh and blood who want to be connected with other people. We have to do this with people with passion on the shop floors. Let go, give them a chance, because it's about people. It's a people business.'’

7. Fred Teeven
Fred Teeven was State Secretary of Security and Justice in the Netherlands. He made the news in 2018 as the best-paid bus driver. Fred Teeven, as a former Public Prosecutor, is an expert in his field, who brings his keynotes with a good sense of humor.
Topics: Politics, Safety.

“Crime is now more visible than ever. The justice system is already taking full advantage of that, but the government must really succeed, they have to be able to effectively tackle the problems. Society must see that the government is the strongest player in the game. That the government always is stronger than crime, that it is just a matter of time until they catch up.”

8. Ananda Groag
The Mobility Expert of the Netherlands and driving force behind Green Deal Car Sharing. Her passion for mobility was fueled at TomTom, where she specialized in various aspects of mobility, such as navigation, maps, real-time traffic information, and fleet management. She launched TomTom Taxi, a start-up within TomTom, where she became an expert in on-demand mobility.
Topics: Shared Economy, Transportation, Innovations, Sustainability.

‘’This freedom we gained comes at a price because the feeling of being free quickly disappears when we’re stuck in the almost inevitable traffic jam. Cars are polluting and they have a big impact on the environment, and the car took our public space. It’s quite common that cars occupy about 50% of public space in towns, and often all of that for free.’’

9. Elke Geraerts
Elke Geraerts held various academic positions at Harvard, St. Andrews, Maastricht and Rotterdam universities as a doctor in Psychology. She is the bestselling author of Mentaal Kapitaal and Het Nieuwe Mentaal. Very soon her new book Authentic Intelligence will come out. Her goal is to make people, and especially entrepreneurs, aware of their mental resilience. Training your brain is an everyday necessity, because only then will you grow as an entrepreneur. She inspires her audience with simple tips and tricks to immediately get started.
Topics: Psychology, Work, Mental Health, Mindset.

‘’Having a burnout is an opportunity that you must seize. Just as overcoming a burnout for many people means getting a second chance, we should look at this brain crisis as a turning point for our society. We can use this low point to learn how to jump. In emergency situations, we are obliged to look for alternative solutions, which often leads to innovation.'’

10. Milan Meyberg
Award-winning Sustainable Entrepreneur Milan Meyberg is on a mission to make the Event and Festival Industry more sustainable. As Revolution Manager at DGTL Festival (Amsterdam, 45,000 visitors) he worked on his goal to make DGTL The First Circular (Zero-Waste) Festival in the world. Partly due to Milan's efforts, DGTL has been voted The most Sustainable Festival in the Netherlands (Greener Festival Award), and in 2017 DGTL won the DAM prize for The most Sustainable Company in Amsterdam (MKB). DGTL also received international awards: DGTL Barcelona won The Premios Fest award (Spain's most sustainable festival), and in America, they were given The FestX Award for Outstanding Green Event.
Topics: Circular economy, Sustainable Event Management, The emergence of a "Regenerative Economy" and "Ecological Futurism".

​​​​​​‘’Statistically speaking, it is now more sustainable to spend a day at DGTL than to stay at home. If you can make an event completely circular for 40,000 visitors, then those techniques can be applied in other contexts. The festival in a way functions as a test environment because issues such as consumption, energy, waste, and inclusiveness play a similar role in urban development. The festival is a reflection of the city.'’

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