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Save The Climate, Change The Economy

  • 21 Mar 2019

From Amsterdam to Australia, young people have been storming the streets with peaceful but necessary protests aimed at their governments: the future generation is worried - as it should be.

To turn climate change around, big measures need to be taken. A change of system is needed, and the Circular Economy needs to be a part of that, according to Jan Jonker, an authority and professor in the field of sustainability.

Circular Economy: a big piece of the puzzle

In one of his latest speeches, Jonker highlighted that we are facing the challenge of a ‘’triple transition’’. First of all, the climate challenge arising from the Paris 2015 climate agreement. This challenge implies limiting greenhouse gas emissions by 49% in 2030. The second challenge is the energy transition, which requires the movement from gas and oil to solar and wind energy in 2050. And finally, the transition to a circular economy to reduce the use of raw materials to up to 100% in 2050.

Political games without a winner

According to Jonker, this requires a huge change in doing but also thinking. For years and years, it has been accepted as normal to throw out basically everything. This has led to an unthinkable amount of waste. Jonker is not satisfied with how e.g. the Dutch government handles the climate challenges, just like all those young people protesting on the streets. The chances of reaching the climate change goals are very slim, and the debate on climate change is too focussed on political issues, ignoring the fact that action has to be taken now and that there is no turning back.

‘’If you don’t act like adults, we will’’

And putting pressure on politicians is exactly what the strikers are doing: the impending crisis that will impact their generation more than those of making current policy. The Fridays For Future movement was started by 16-year-old Swede Greta Thunberg, and protests are expected to be held in 1,500 cities in more than 100 countries.

The Power To Inspire

Is your goal to inspire your audience to take action, to show them what the possibilities of the circular economy are and how it can all be implemented? Make a change for the better and educate your audience! Jan Jonker is a professor in sustainable development.

  • ’'What drives me to be so intensively involved with sustainability? Passion! Of course, I have only a modest influence on the world. But I will use 100% of the influence that I have. '’ - Jan Jonker

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Photo: DPA

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