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Robots and Rembrandt: The Art of Artificial Intelligence

  • 15 Mar 2019

AI is changing the world we live in, fast. Headlines are filled with robots, evolving technologies, and new implementations. Artificial Intelligence is everywhere: in your phone, the streets of your city and soon maybe even in art galleries and concert halls.

Can computers compose symphonies?

Artificial intelligence is everywhere. It has outgrown the use for only business or safety and has found its way into the arts. Recently, a computer taught itself to paint a Rembrandt style painting, based on the analysis of other paintings. Others have programmed computers to produce music in the style of the Beatles, or write symphonies like Bach. A book has been co-written by a computer, and some experts expect AI to even storm the charts: in 10 years or so, we could all be singing along to songs that have been written by a computer. Smart art is on the way.

What can computers learn to do and when:
2022: Fold clothing like a shop employee
2024: Assemble any Lego
2026: Write a high school essay
2027: Write a top 40 song
2050: Write a New York Times bestseller

Powerful tools of the future for any business

The technologies of AI are becoming bigger and more useful, in different playfields and with different ethics. Innovations are following each other at a rapid pace. It is no longer an important practice for companies such as ‘’The Big Five’’: Google, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Microsoft. More and more smaller business are able to profit from the newly developed techniques. Even small changes in their business using AI (e.g. chatbots for customer service) can make a big change in the end result.

Learn from the best: the time is now!

When it comes to AI, it is time to take action and play with the big boys. Not only for countries, but for individual companies and markets as well. Stay up to date on the latest developments and discover the possibilities with a speaker specialized in AI and related topics.

Yuri van der Geest, an expert on Singularity, knows how companies can adapt to and implement these future technologies and runs his own innovation company Trend8. As the Dutch Ambassador of Singularity University, he knows the future of technology like no other. This University made it from Silicon Valley to the Netherlands, with the help of Yuri and Rob van Gijzel, the current CEO of the University and former mayor of the city Eindhoven, where the SU has settled. Rob was awarded the first European Digital Leader is an expert on the topic of Smart Cities - another aspect that is rapidly developing with the help of AI.

Add value to your event and the future of your audience with one of these great speakers.

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