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Ready, set, FUTURE

  • 28 Nov 2018

Who knows what the future will hold? Imagine knowing what the world will look like tomorrow, so you can take action today. Many people would like a crystal ball on their shelves – but we’re not quite there yet. Nevertheless, there is someone who can tell the tale of the Future of Shopping: meet Jorg Snoeck, the Captain of Retail.

Belgium serial entrepreneur and bestselling author Jorg Snoeck made a name for himself in the retail industry. He’s bursting with knowledge and experience and tops that off with passion and a way with words. His first book The Future of Shopping was crowned the Management book of the year and so far has been translated into four languages – but Snoeck doesn’t plan on stopping there. He has a story to tell and a passion to share and does so with expertise, ease, and a good dose of fun. His goal is to increase the knowledge of retailers and entrepreneurs, preparing them for the future in order to thrive in the challenging and rapidly changing the retail world.


Snoeck started his career as a street vendor for the Gazet van Antwerpen, one of the biggest Belgium newspapers. Selling more by himself than all other sellers combined, he quickly climbed the ladder up to the management of the company, a step that is characteristic for Snoeck's drive, passion and skill. After owning seven stores, a publishing house and working as a marketing director for various companies, Snoeck could no longer keep all this knowledge for himself. Humble but hungry for sharing what he knew, he started writing a blog: RetailDetail. A small project that started at his very own kitchen table grew out to be the leading platform in the retail industry, attracting 280,000 unique visitors per month.


Retail should be an experience, and rather than just using words, Snoeck decided to bring this experience to life. He is the founding father of the RetailHub knowledge center and the traveling experience center Future of Shopping Roadshow. Artificial Intelligence, robots, the blockchain, and the cloud: the future is already there, and technology is rapidly catching up with humans in many areas. Despite all the technological advancements, Snoeck emphasizes the increased importance of human values, empathy, and trust: which one can use to make a real difference towards consumers.

Snoeck brings his story to life. His seminars tend to be show-like: not only informing but also inspiring and amusing. This form of ‘Business Entertainment’ captivates not only retailers but is interesting for everyone who is interested in the world of tomorrow. It is not just about retail and shopping, but also about how the world is changing. Digital disruptions have connected many people, but at the same time made us lonelier than ever. We care more about our health, society, and with that, we are shaping the economy.

Snoeck gives insights in mega- and microtrends that speak to your imagination, but no longer are science fiction. These turbulent times make an appeal to our creativity - not only as entrepreneurs but moreover as people. Anyone who knows how to stay close to his own identity and can return to his basic values can respond even better to these new opportunities. Do you want to be ready for tomorrow? Book Jorg Snoeck exclusively as a speaker at Assemblee Speakers.

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