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More female speakers on stage!

  • 23 Jan 2019

You’re at an event, and speaker after speaker is taking the stage, and they’re all men. It’s no secret that there are more male speakers than female and the majority of booked speakers are also men.

Even though these men are excellent at what they do, there are also great options for female speakers for your event. And their topics are just as broad: Retail Trends, Space Travel, Technology, Life Science, Artificial Intelligence, The Future of Work, Sustainable Mobility, The Sharing Economy, Smart Cities...We prepared a list of five amazing female speakers for your next event.

After reading this blog, we encourage you to invite one (or more!) of the many great female speakers for your next event.


Kitty Koelemeijer

The most cited female professor

Kitty Koelemeijer is Professor of Marketing & Retail at Nyenrode Business University. She is the most quoted female professor in the Dutch media, which is not surprising, given her track record. She inspires audiences with her knowledge and experience with growth strategies, digital innovations, and transformations for companies. She plays an active role in the start-up scene and knows how to inspire and activate this group. Kitty Koelemeijer enthusiastically links trends to practically applicable working methods that you will want to start working on immediately.


Nancy Vermeulen

The sky is the limit

At the age of six, Nancy Vermeulen knew what she wanted to be: an astronaut. Aeronautics and space travel fascinate her to this day. In her story, she passionately shares her insights of a world that not many people know, bringing you closer to the universe. She drives you to think outside the box and to pursue your dreams, even if these dreams seem to be as unattainable as a planet far away. In the rapidly changing world, technology also offers opportunities in addition to challenges. Nancy Vermeulen is not only a scientist, but also a pilot and aircraft instructor, and prepares space tourists for their space trip.


Nadine Bongaerts

Synthetic biologist with a passion for designing life through genetic manipulation

It won’t long before the whole world knows her. With a Bachelor and Master Degree in Life Science & Technology at TU Delft, she is currently working on her Ph.D. at the National Institute of Health and Medical Research [INSERM] in Paris. She is working on a method to find new antibiotics for tuberculosis. Nadine actively works on closing the gap between science and society. She knows how to practically translate and apply her knowledge to the business world so innovations can be implemented faster. Nadine Bongaerts is an entrepreneur and great inspiration at a global platform for high-tech entrepreneurs. With her story, she teaches us that no human is as smart as nature.

Sangbreeta Moitra

Inspires companies and professionals for better branding and transformation

Sangbreeta Moitra has been crowned as one of the most inspiring women of the Netherlands by VIVA Magazine. Anyone who is lucky enough to see her on the stage will understand why: Sangbreeta is a radiant personality that masters the art of storytelling. She has been rewarded with several international awards for her TEDtalk 'Transform Your Presence'. Sangbreeta is on a mission to secure The Future of Work. Based in Amsterdam, she flies around the world to inspire and motivate large international companies such as Shell, Booking.com, Ernst & Young, Orange and Nationale Nederlanden. Who doesn’t want their employees to be positive in everything they do for your organization?

Ananda Groag

Authority in the Shared Economy, Smart and Sustainable Mobility

Ananda Groag is a woman that our whole nation can be proud of. In her job at TomTom she was soon named the expert in the field of platform economics. Then she expanded her knowledge and research at ShareNL. Recently, she has started Reframe.space where, with her motto 'Be the change you want to see', she inspires people and society in the field of sustainable mobility, smart cities, part of the economy and sub-platforms. Although Ananda likes to talk about cars, she does not own one herself - putting her motto into action and leading by example. With her story, she shares tips and deals with the automotive sector and municipal authorities on how they can prepare themselves for a better future.



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